Join The 3 Day Workshop

Sam is Hosting a Complimentary 3 Day Educational Primer for Coaches Looking to Get an Edge in Assisting Clients with Nutrition, Hormones, and Metabolism 


The goal of the FNMS Workshop is to introduce advanced concepts in nutrition, hormones, and metabolism.

This program provides coaches with a level of exposure to science and protocols, as these complex cases become increasingly common. Coaches leave understanding that calories and energy balance ARE PARAMOUNT, but this knowledge must be combined with an ability to navigate metabolic compensation and the body’s adaptive physiology. 

Many complex issues will not be solved with reverse dieting alone, and coaches will need to step up their game beyond just linear caloric progression and regression to ensure client success (and business success)  in the years to come. 


“Making the investment of hiring Sam to help my team of coaches grow as individuals and practitioner, was a no-brainer. It gave them more knowledge and education on science we NEED but in a way that was actually applicable. This is not something you should go without, education is the biggest way to grow as a coach and Sam is absolutely one of the smartest in the game.”


Tailored Coaching Method