The Decline of Male Testosterone

male testosterone Feb 15, 2020

Testosterone is perhaps the most well known and most sought after hormone in the male body. It is commonly known as a prerequisite for strength, muscle mass, bone mass, fat distribution and virility. Yet, over the past several decades male testosterone levels have been steadily declining. Studies have shown adult men are walking around with just fractions of the levels of our preceding generations (probably somewhere between and ½ to be precise) even just comparing the 20th century to today. 
But, what gives? We lift with purpose, and we eat according to our macros, yet somehow we pale in comparison to men from just a few decades prior.

Stress and Test Anatomically speaking, we are the same human beings with the same production capacity as our ancestors, but what has changed as we live our daily lives is our environment and our nutrition. Think of it this way – we are using the same out of date machinery (biomechanics), but trying to process...

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