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Zeuss Nutrition

"As a physician, we are taught many ways to deal with hormones. Unfortunately, most of the options include hormonal replacement, modification, or a medication of some kind. While this is appropriate for some individuals, there are many patients who would benefit from much more basic means. Through his (Sam's) mentorship, program, I was able to take his life's learning in just 12 weeks. I'm not just talking about basic advice to drink water and sleep more. Sam went deep into specific hormonal axes dealing with adrenals, thyroid, men's health, women's health, and more. The amount of knowledge and application that was shared was immense. I am grateful to have come into contact with Sam and for the opportunity to learn from his mentorship. Not only will his teaching impact my private nutrition clients, but all of the patients that I will care for as a physician. No longer do I have to feel stuck with putting a patient on a medication to ease their problems and symptoms. Due to Sam, I now have an entire toolbox filled with options to personalize care to the patient. "


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Mycro Nutrition

"Sam's direction has been especially helpful… my brain is the type of think of a million and one things to do, and he really helped crystallize what's most important in my business to execute critical tasks to move my business forward"

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Jordan Dugger

"Sam simply delivered with The Hormone Blueprint! His understanding of the endocrine system, training, and nutrition is only exceeded by his ability to communicate it in a easily understandable format. This is a MUST HAVE for any fitness nerd."

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Lacey Dunn

"Sam does a thorough, deep dive into both physiology, symptoms, and root causes of common hormonal, adrenal, & thyroid imbalances. From nutrition and training, to supplementation, the guidance & education within this book serves as a gold mine of knowledge for any coach or individual interested in maximizing their health & well being."

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Austin Current

"A complete and comprehensive guide to applying and understanding practical solutions with your clients' physiology. Sam has taken one of the most misunderstood areas of managing someone's health and made it easy to understand and apply with confidence."

Joelle Cavagnaro - review

Joelle Cavagnaro

"The Hormone Blueprint is the ultimate guide to understanding hormones in a comprehensive, yet understandable way. Sam has provided the perfect balance of education content, as well as intervention strategies, to assist your current or future clientele. Highly recommend, regardless of your status as a coach, client, or athlete!"

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William Grazione

"The Hormone Blueprint is a MUST HAVE for every coach that works with clients, either online or in person. Sam manages to clearly explain complex topics and present them in a applicable fashion for everyone to gain a ton of value, and apply it to their clients or themselves. The results of your clients and your health depends on you knowing this information."

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Vesters Nutrition

''After getting my initial certification, I didn't feel ready. I didn't feel confident I had the knowledge and true understanding of certain topics I needed to provide my clients with the quality coaching they deserve. Working with Sam has changed all of that. We've been working together in multiple settings now, including a 1:1 mentorship & the FNMS program, tackling both the business and the education & science side of things. The tools, systems, knowledge and experience Sam has passed on to me truly upped my game in so many ways. I am now a completely different coach, and it shows in my clients' results. So to you reading this, assuming you're a coach who takes their business serious, look no further. Sam's your guy.''