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The goal of the Functional Nutrition and Metabolism Science Specialization is to demystify advanced concepts in nutrition, hormones, and metabolism. Coaches will leave this program with the competence and confidence in complex topic areas that serve as leverage for your client’s transformation goals. This program provides coaches with a level of preparedness and confidence to confidently assess and implement the appropriate protocols as these complex cases become increasingly common. Coaches leave understanding that calories and energy balance ARE PARAMOUNT, but this knowledge must be combined with an ability to navigate metabolic compensation and the body’s adaptive physiology. 

Many complex issues will not be solved with reverse dieting alone. Hormonal and metabolic issues have a strong STRESS component, that has caused cortisol to create a cascade of issues from low progesterone, estrogen dominance, gut dysbiosis, as well as a down-regulated thyroid sometimes characterized by Hashimotos.


Will YOU be the one to intervene? 
Will YOU be the one to take an integrative approach to client obstacles & challenges?
Will YOU be the one to create clarity, educate, and provide support?

The state of education in the nutrition space is severely flawed in 90% of programs and certifications, leaving your client’s results and your business to chance.

As nutrition coaches, the gateway education to the industry is typical linear caloric progression and regression - more simply known as the classic diet phase. You have learned about the law of thermodynamics as a sure-fire way to be a rockstar nutrition coach, only to realize that many clients are experiencing hormonal or metabolic adaptations making it more difficult to execute the deficit desired for fat loss that they are so dedicated (or not so dedicated) to achieve. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading this page.

When was the last time you had a client without a chronic dieting history? - or inversely, a client that has diligently eaten maintenance calories or above their adult entire life? Not to mention their possible adolescent dieting, and a host of other common maladies like infections, prescription drug use, and more.

Clients come for change, invest for results, and take action towards physical goals without an understanding that their current metabolic state is a manifestation of present and past life choices which may be wreaking havoc on the pursuit of their coveted abs, glutes, or arms.

Without intervention, conventional dieting and traditional fitness “influence” will only hinder future efforts towards the body your prospective clients covet.

The FNMS Focus

  • Metabolism Primer Education and the Fat Loss Fallacy
  • Adaptive Thermogenesis (Metabolic Adaptations), Fat Loss Resistance and Hormonal Dysregulation
  • The Use and Limitations of Reverse Dieting + Understanding “Maintenance”
  • The Cortisol Connection & Coaches Conundrum 
  • Integrating Energy (Calorie) Balance, Hormone Balance, and Gut (Digestive) Balance
  • Biofeedback & Bloodwork Basics
  • Special Cases, Considerations, and Common Medications
    • Women’s Health, Hormone Replacement, Men’s Health, Thyroid, PCOS, Birth Control, Auto-Immunity


  • Weekly Live Semi-Private Coaching Calls
  • Private Study Group 24/7 Access 
  • E-Book and All Study Materials Provided
  • Access to Recorded Sessions and Digital Materials
  • Client Case Studies + Q&A
  • Customized "F.N.M.S" Credential Upon Completion



“Making the investment of hiring Sam to help my team of coaches grow as individuals and practitioner, was a no-brainer. It gave them more knowledge and education on science we NEED but in a way that was actually applicable. This is not something you should go without, education is the biggest way to grow as a coach and Sam is absolutely one of the smartest in the game.”


Tailored Coaching Method