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The Rosetta Stone of Nutrition Coaching

Elevate Your Nutrition Coaching Game with Scientific Resources and Tools Created by Sam Miller.


Even the Smartest Coaches Need Coaching

If you are here, there is a very good chance you are already a great nutrition coach.  But you have started to noticed something as you have grown your practice…🤔


As you've consistently scaled your business, you are starting to see more and more complicated cases and clients with nagging issues, stubborn plateaus, or failed gains. In other words, Google searches and asking other coaches for help with the harder, complex cases is not yielding results. 😪


You need help.


Real science-based help including tools and answers.


You need the Rosetta Stone of Nutrition Consulting.


Enter Sam Miller Science. 👨‍🔬


It’s the universal curse of knowledge: the more you know, the more you realize how much there truly is to learn. 


This is particularly true when people come to you for help who have unique circumstances, specific and individual issues with their bodies, and persistent struggles with hormones, health, and nutrition. As you’ve no doubt experienced, they’re often frustrated when the initial approach they’ve taken helps others but proves ineffective with them.


Even worse, they start to lose hope in their aspirations, stop checking in as often with you, and leave you for another coach.


Whether it’s hormonal imbalances, gut health, or correcting nutritional deficiencies, you need to know how to identify these deeper issues—and how to address them.


Both on a psychological level AND from a habit based approach.


Your business depends on it.


Maybe you don’t know all of the answers. After all, you could spend hours researching the topics on your own and possibly find a temporary fix.


But you understand the importance of getting it right the FIRST TIME 🎯 because our clients’ wellbeing is at stake.


You need solid, science-based answers – not a bunch of cherry-picked research you can use to serve your confirmation bias or win some online debate. You need Sam Miller Science.


The Sam Miller Science Advantage

Why choose Sam Miller Science?

Knowledge That Works

Advanced protocols and education to take your client's results to the next level and with that knowledge, allow you to retain more clients and obtain more referrals.

Coach With Confidence

Your confidence in your coaching isn't low because of your lack of knowledge. It's low because you lack understanding on how to apply it. We not only give you the knowledge but how to apply it so you can show up confidently for your clients who need you.

Elite Service

We only work a small number of dedicated coaches for a reason: an unmatched level of care and communication so you will be on your way to gaining more clients with more confidence.

Join the Nutrition Coaching Collaborative

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Sam Miller Science Podcast

A show created to help translate complex nutrition, fitness, and metabolism concepts into leverage for your goals.


How is Sam Miller Science Different?

Knowledge without application is useless. After all, you’re being paid to be a good coach, not a good researcher.

Sam Miller Science provides empirical and trusted solutions and teaches you how to create and implement individualized protocols for every client.


At the higher levels, great coaching is just as focused on integration as it is on the information.


That’s how to serve your community at the highest level.


And that’s why Sam Miller Science was created. And that’s where I come in. 👨‍🔬


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"“Making the investment of hiring Sam to help my team of coaches grow as individuals and practitioners was a no-brainer. It gave them more knowledge and education on science we NEED, but in a way that was actually applicable. This is not something you should go without. Education is the biggest way to grow as a coach and Sam is absolutely one of the smartest in the game.”"

Tailored Coaching Method

"“Sam has a way of explaining the interconnectedness of our bodies in a way that really resonates with me. [Sam is] a wealth of knowledge for me and [he has] really helped me put theory into practice for my clients.”"

Fit Me Nutrition

"“Sam has not only given me the knowledge & understanding necessary to handle complex client cases, but also given me the confidence to take these clients on in the first place. My clients have more trust in me as a professional because I am able to accurately articulate to them the approach to best help them in a language they can understand.”"

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